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Gen13's Roxy - dA muro sketch by perpetualpanda Gen13's Roxy - dA muro sketch by perpetualpanda
You are about to witness a rare phenomenon: MY PERSONAL ART! *bum bum BUMMMMMMM*

One of my all-time favorite artists is J. Scott Campbell. When Gen13 first came out, I was in awe of his art style. Before that, he was doing the more "in-house WildStorm style" of art. But when he started Gen13, he broke away from that and produced his own style which knocked my socks off! It was so different than what was going on art-wise at the time. One of the things I admired most about his work was his facial expressions. They were so full of character and personality. I instantly became an admirer of his work, and he continues to inspire me today. Back in the day, all I drew were faces and headshots. It was just something I did and of course Campbell's art was the style I naturally turned to.

This Gen13 Roxy piece was actually done on my first day signing up on deviantART. I was poking around and found the dA muro drawing program. It was kinda fun to mess around with and play with the various brushes, but then I tried to actually draw something and ... this Roxy drawing was born! It's really rough looking because I actually drew this with a mouse. Crazy, I know! lol Anyway, just recently I finally decided to color it. I'll post that up shortly. :D

EDIT: colored version is now up. [link]
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February 11, 2011
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