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Glee GLC Easter Eggs + THANX by perpetualpanda Glee GLC Easter Eggs + THANX by perpetualpanda
THANK YOU ALL! The response I've been getting from my Glee - GLC Mashup piece [link] has been great! The joy I'm feeling right now can only be expressed with this emote: :happycry: lol Seriously, thanks guys. It means a lot to me that you like it!

As fun little easter eggs, I wanted to share the rough early concept for the whole thing, and a GL who I nearly completed but ultimately got left on the cutting room floor. Here's Green Lantern Morro, our favorite and respectful GL crypt keeper. I was THIS CLOSE to putting him in, but got bumped by Sodam Yat. I wanted to inject some humor in Morro's square, so I came up with his pet standing in as the "L". :D

As for the early concept, I pretty much had the general idea down and followed through with it almost exactly. The part that makes me laugh is the super rough sketch of Salaak. lol I made subtle changes leading up to the final, such as adding a hand construct for Ganthet's "L", adding another hand under Salaak's chin, and just overall rearranging for better visual flow. The final spot in the bottom corner ended up being Sodam Yat. And, oh look, you've been wondering where Hal was at? THERE HE IS ... or WAS! :O

Now, I bet I know what you're thinking right now: "ZOMG THIS IS AWESOMEZ YOU HAVE TWO EXTRAS NOW DO MOAR WANTTTtT!" hehe :P Considering how much everyone loves the first one, I know I should do another. But I have just moved on to another piece for a friend right now and I want to finish that up first. And who knows, I may revisit this in a Glee - GLC Mashup Vol. 2 cover! ;) I don't even wanna say "if the demand is there" 'cause, clearly ... DUH! ;) Stay tuned!

PS. In case you missed it, please check out my Arisia Glee ad here: [link]

PPS. Read my reaction to the buzz all this started in my journal entry here: [link]

Approx. 11" x 8.5" at 72 dpi
Art by me
kamenkewl Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011  Student General Artist
MORROW! i love him! :D
oh yeah, guess the glee stuffs pretty cool too :P
perpetualpanda Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
LOL He may show up in the future ... ;)
kamenkewl Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Student General Artist
hehe, sweet :D
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